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Identifying, inviting, and equipping new leaders is what leaders do.

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Men and Women Working Together

Men and Women Working TogetherSubscriber Access Only

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Pastor, Church, & Law Volume 2

Pastor, Church, & Law Volume 2Subscriber Access Only

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Getting to Home

Getting to HomeSubscriber Access Only

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Ministering to the Mentally Ill

Ministering to the Mentally Ill

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How Did Jesus View the Bible?

How Did Jesus View the Bible?Subscriber Access Only

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Staying Fresh

Staying Fresh

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DiscernmentSubscriber Access Only

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Our editors have compiled our best on Leader Training topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

One-Bullet Leaders

One-Bullet LeadersSubscriber Access Only

Determining what the novice does well, and training him to do it.
Cothern explains how he revised his expectations for the leaders at his church. Instead of asking them to be competent in many areas, the church adopted a "Each member doing one ministry well" philosophy.
The Care and Feeding of Leaders

The Care and Feeding of LeadersSubscriber Access Only

Spending personal time with invidual leaders is time-consuming, but Roy C. Price explains why it's time well spent for any pastor.
Training the Core Workers

Training the Core WorkersSubscriber Access Only

Fred Smith examines the personal dynamic involved in the training of leaders and offers five ways to measure success.
Equipping the Saints to Lead

Equipping the Saints to LeadSubscriber Access Only

Larry Osborne reveals what he's learned about equipping board members for their leadership roles, including why it's a church's responsibility to take this task seriously.
Turning Pewsitters Into Players

Turning Pewsitters Into PlayersSubscriber Access Only

Every church has attenders who would be willing to serve, but they will remain passive until they're invited to get involved. A more concerted effort to identify these leaders is the key to unlocking their potential.
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The Grassroots Pastor

The Grassroots Pastor

Do you need a flock to shepherd souls?
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