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Proclaiming the Word effectively.

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Preaching, a Spiritual Discipline?

Preaching, a Spiritual Discipline?

Instead of exhaustion, homiletics can bring you life.
You Are Not Just Preaching to the Room

You Are Not Just Preaching to the RoomSubscriber Access Only

Preaching wisely in a digital age.
Communicating with the Brain in Mind

Communicating with the Brain in MindSubscriber Access Only

How neuroscience helps us engage people in an age of distraction.
Skye Jethani: Targeting People's 88%

Skye Jethani: Targeting People's 88%

Why our faith is more than just what we do with our freetime.
Practice (Literally) What You Preach

Practice (Literally) What You PreachSubscriber Access Only

Consider adding these rehearsals to your sermon prep.
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Our editors have compiled our best on Preaching topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Preaching Like a Prophet

Preaching Like a ProphetSubscriber Access Only

We dare not be silent about injustices, if only we can see them as God does.
We dare not be silent about injustices, if only we can see them as God does.

Elemental PreachingSubscriber Access Only

The irreducible qualities of gravity, light, and air give life to a sermon and to those who hear it.
Mark Labberton asserts that good preaching should offer the gifts of gravity, light, and air.
The Heresy of Application

The Heresy of ApplicationSubscriber Access Only

In this classic interview, Haddon Robinson explains why many preachers fail to apply ancient Scriptures to a modern audience.
The Hermeneutics Quiz

The Hermeneutics Quiz

Your biblical blind spots and what you tend not to see.
This innovative quiz was designed to help church leaders discover how they read the Bible (and how they don't read the Bible).
Incremental Preaching

Incremental PreachingSubscriber Access Only

Many pastors want "fast acting" sermons. But what brings lasting transformation is a steady, intentional plan for the pulpit.
Prompting transformation from the pulpit requires a vision, intention, and the means to make changes.
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Where is God on Monday?

Where is God on Monday?Subscriber Access Only

Equipping the church for faith at work.
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