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Uniting people around a shared dream for the future.

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Framing the Issues of Our Day

Framing the Issues of Our Day

Leadership Journal reviews
Confidence Without Clarity

Confidence Without Clarity

When perfectly clear vision isn't there, how does a leader move forward?
The Conviction to Lead

The Conviction to LeadSubscriber Access Only

Leadership Journal Reviews
Leading God's People

Leading God's People Subscriber Access Only

A Leadership Journal review
Why Cities Matter

Why Cities MatterSubscriber Access Only

And other Leadership Journal reviews
Time for Culture

Time for Culture

Every organization has a culture; do you understand yours?
Play What You Feel

Play What You Feel

How rediscovering artistic freedom changed my leadership.
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Blind Spot

Blind SpotSubscriber Access Only

Visionaries are leaders who see the big picture and determine the necessary steps for the group. But pastors must also build personal relationships, willing to minister to individuals.
From My Vision to Our Vision

From My Vision to Our VisionSubscriber Access Only

Not all pastors are visionary leaders, which is why it sometimes takes a leadership team to identify God's vision for a church.
Even Healthy Churches Need to Change

Even Healthy Churches Need to ChangeSubscriber Access Only

If it ain't broke … thinking leads nowhere.
H. Dale Burke shares what it was like to succeed Chuck Swindoll as the head pastor at a thriving church. Burke discovered that in spite of the church's overall health, innovation and flexibility were still essential.
Before You Introduce Change

Before You Introduce Change

Vision casting isn't step one, or even step two.
Pastors hoping to institute changes should first establish a sense of urgency and elicit support from informed and engaged leaders before articulating the vision and the strategy for achieving it.
Roadblocks and Guardrails for Visionaries

Roadblocks and Guardrails for VisionariesSubscriber Access Only

Tom McKee recommends removing two common roadblocks and erecting two guardrails to make managing visionaries easier.
Editor's Pick
Between Two Worlds

Between Two WorldsSubscriber Access Only

How two pastors are helping people integrate faith and work.
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