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Recognizing the call of God requires Spirit-given discernment and insight from others.

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It Takes a Church

It Takes a ChurchSubscriber Access Only

Adopting five foster children is impossible unless you have the right support.
My Calling

My Calling

From restaurant manager to pastor
When Smaller Is Better

When Smaller Is BetterSubscriber Access Only

Effective small church ministry starts with a clearer view of success.
Changing the Scorecard

Changing the ScorecardSubscriber Access Only

Affirming everyone's vocation begins by changing the way we define ministry success.
Tom Nelson: Q & A - Honoring the Sabbath

Tom Nelson: Q & A - Honoring the Sabbath

Amid the discussion of redeeming work, how do we talk about rest?
Sara Groves: Becoming Obsolete?

Sara Groves: Becoming Obsolete?

No matter what happens, our Maker sees us.
Sara Groves: The Contemplative Work of the Artist

Sara Groves: The Contemplative Work of the Artist

Spiritual insight comes the same way that creative insight does.
Andy Crouch: The Honesty of Artists

Andy Crouch: The Honesty of Artists

The practice of any vocation at the highest level requires honesty.
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Our editors have compiled our best on Calling topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Lashed to the Mast

Lashed to the MastSubscriber Access Only

Pastors often become preoccupied with their approval rating instead of their pastoral integrity, but pastors must remember that they were not called to please their congregation.
When Your Wife Resents Your Call

When Your Wife Resents Your CallSubscriber Access Only

A disconnect at home has a variety of causes.
Common reasons why spouses don't always support the call to ministry, and why the minister is sometimes at fault.
God's Calling Plan

God's Calling Plan

So what exactly is a call to ministry?
Authoritative ministry is grounded in a genuine calling.
God's Call Waiting

God's Call Waiting

Be faithful where you are while you wait for God's call.
John Ortberg reveals how he received his "call" after 30 years in ministry and how he learned that the call is not always as glamorous as it sounds.
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The Prayer-Centered Church

The Prayer-Centered ChurchSubscriber Access Only

What it takes to lead a prayerful community.
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