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Save "Disciplines"
These ancient practices are vital to the spiritual life. Here's why they matter in ministry, and how you can foster them in your own life.

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The Prayer-Centered Church

The Prayer-Centered ChurchSubscriber Access Only

What it takes to lead a prayerful community.
Faith and the Brain

Faith and the BrainSubscriber Access Only

An interview with Dr. Andrew Newberg.
Finding Soul Satisfaction

Finding Soul SatisfactionSubscriber Access Only

John Ortberg on caring for your soul.
Why I Didn’t Skip Church …

Why I Didn’t Skip Church …

Even though part of me really wanted to.
The Discerning Leader

The Discerning Leader

Honing your sensitivity to the Spirit
A Seaworthy Soul

A Seaworthy SoulSubscriber Access Only

What it takes for leaders to stay afloat.
The Purposeless-Driven Life

The Purposeless-Driven LifeSubscriber Access Only

What a day of silence taught me about myself and God.
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Our editors have compiled our best on Disciplines topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

The Spiritual Leader's Vitality

The Spiritual Leader's VitalitySubscriber Access Only

Richard Foster and Henri Nouwen reveal how pastors and other leaders can develop a more intimate relationship with God and lead a life focused on spiritual things.
My Holy of Holies

My Holy of Holies

How all-too-human preachers can prepare their souls to preach.
We must not forget that we are always standing in the presence of God.
Ben Patterson on Prayer

Ben Patterson on PrayerSubscriber Access Only

God loves the little things, the secret things his servants do.
God loves the little things, the secret things his servants do.
Having Ears, Do You Not Hear?

Having Ears, Do You Not Hear?

Ancient practices help us stop merely studying the Bible, and start listening to it.
Eugene Peterson discusses the beauty of listening to the Bible.
Is My Leadership Spiritual?

Is My Leadership Spiritual?Subscriber Access Only

God wants us to lead from our soul, out of our vulnerability.
Editor's Pick
A Tale of Two Weekends

A Tale of Two Weekends

What can preachers learn from professional storytellers?
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How to Teach the BibleBuilding Church Leaders

How to Teach the Bible