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Only you can manage your physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual life.

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True Community

True Community

What 'we' learn that 'I' will never know.
Leadership Shorts

Leadership Shorts

Summaries of books you need to know.
High Anxiety

High AnxietySubscriber Access Only

My struggle with anxiety and fear no longer defines me.
Kissing Scars

Kissing ScarsSubscriber Access Only

How our visible wounds point to the Great Healer.
What to Do With a Day

What to Do With a Day

Is the best option to seize it?
My Near Life Experience

My Near Life Experience

How a brush with death taught me to live fearlessly for God.
Ministry, a Family Matter

Ministry, a Family MatterSubscriber Access Only

Kid, spouse, mother. My simple story of expectations and perspective.
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Our editors have compiled our best on Self-Leadership topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

The Art of Self Leadership

The Art of Self LeadershipSubscriber Access Only

Your toughest management challenge is always yourself.
To lead others, we need to spend adequate time recalibrating and realigning our perspectives. Bill Hybels emphasizes the value of careful self-evaluation and explains why its crucial for strengthening our resolve and maintaining our commitment to lead.
5 Moral Fences

5 Moral FencesSubscriber Access Only

Establishing personal boundaries is a necessary step to prevent moral failures.
Staying Sharp in a Small Town

Staying Sharp in a Small TownSubscriber Access Only

If you've started thinking that your efforts are "good enough," this article is a reminder that mediocrity should never be acceptable in any ministry setting.
Good Pastor, Lousy Leader

Good Pastor, Lousy LeaderSubscriber Access Only

In addition to sharing a message on Sunday morning, pastors are also expected to communicate a vision and ministry goals. Honing these skills is necessary in order to lead effectively.
Conducting a Spiritual Audit

Conducting a Spiritual AuditSubscriber Access Only

Fred Smith shares the 12 questions he routinely asked to assess his spiritual condition. The answers may vary, but progress should always be the goal.
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Together, Without God

Together, Without God

New atheist communities look a lot like church.
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