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Christian Leaders Respond to the Newtown MurdersSubscriber Access Only

In the aftermath of Friday's killings at a Connecticut elementary school, churches and communities are grieving and seeking answers. Here are a few ...


Mormon website shows softening attitude towards LGBT communitySubscriber Access Only

The LDS church, long a bastion of traditional sexual values, launched a website last Thursday aimed at promoting understanding between Mormons and those ...


Seven People Your Church Trusts More than YouSubscriber Access Only

As reported by Christianity Today, a new Gallup poll lists the seven people Americans trust more than their pastor. Metrics focused on perceived "honesty ...


Is Holiness Hard Work?Subscriber Access Only

A new book sparks debate about how holiness is attained.

The latest book from pastor and author Kevin DeYoung advances a rather simple premise: holiness takes work. But that thesis is controversial, especially ...


Legal Battles Erupt over "Reparative Therapy" for GaysSubscriber Access Only

A counseling center is sued while California's ban on reparative therapy faces key test.

Four men are suing a Jewish counseling organization (JONAH) for fraud. The men claim they underwent humiliating therapy to "cure" them of being gay. Read ...

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The Prodigal Daughter

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