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In the aftermath of the Newtown murders and gun violence across the US, Christians are joining in the national conversation about the place of weapons in American life. Vice President Joe Biden has met with faith leaders on the issue, including prominent Christians.

As you'd expect, Christian commentators are giving varied responses to the prospect of heightened gun laws, but the tone of the mainstream is in favor of reasonably increased controls.

Over at Her.meneutics, Sharon Hodde Miller shares "Why All Christians can Back Better Gun Control."

Ruth Graham doesn't think that gun laws would have prevented the recent tragedies. The problem is our "culture of violence."

Joseph Mattera says that "Guns are not to blame," but that most everything else is.

And in a surprise to most, Mark DeMoss (a former Romney advisor) goes against the conservative grain by advocating increased restrictions.

CNN offers a good audio story on the spectrum of belief among Christians on the issue. They also featured an article from a pastor urging evangelicals to speak out on gun control.

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Posted: January 16, 2013; All posts for week of January 14, 2013

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