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For Future Evangelism, Vatican Works to Understand Youth CultureSubscriber Access Only

Kids these days are a mystery to more than just their parents. The Vatican has recently admitted that it is out of touch with youth culture, and risks ...


Proposed Healthcare Guidelines Allow Religious Exemption for ContraceptionSubscriber Access Only

In response to objections over religious freedom as it applies to contraception provided by religious employers, the Obama administration has offered ...


Weapons at Church? The Latest God/Gun ControversySubscriber Access Only

The heat that Arkansas Christians are packing may soon be more than just the Holy Spirit. In a 28-4 vote, the Arkansas state senate moved to repeal ...


America's Most/Least "Bible-minded" CitiesSubscriber Access Only


Two brief photo essays from Religion News Service will take you on a quick virtual tour of the "mosts" and the "leasts."

But whatever the numbers say, ...


With Ban Lifted, Should Women Serve in Combat?Subscriber Access Only

The Pentagon recently announced that it is overturning a 1994 rule banning women from serving in combat. This will allow the hundreds of thousands of ...

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The Prodigal Daughter

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