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Last Wednesday's appointment of Argentina's Jorge Bergoglio (taking the name Pope Francis) was big news for many reasons. Francis is the first pope from the new world, the first Jesuit pontiff, and a man known for his simple way of life and commitment to the poor and marginalized. In the first days of his papacy, religion news outlets were understandably abuzz.

Protestants, and especially evangelicals, have also been atwitter after the appointment. Bergoglio's ministry in Argentina has been characterized by partnerships and relationships across the protestant/Catholic divide, and many of Pope Francis's chief qualities—theological conservativism, commitment to social justice, ministerial pragmatism—are historic evangelical values.

Here are the pieces to read on the new pope's relationship with—and possible influence on—protestants.

Read Ruth Moon on "Why Pope Francis Excites (Most) Evangelical Leaders"

Evangelist and personal friend of Bergoglio's, Luis Palau on "Why It Matters that Pope Francis Drinks Maté with Evangelicals"

Out of Ur's Skye Jethani: "Could the papacy of Francis I include more dialogue and unity between Catholics and Evangelicals?"

RNS reports on the change of style this papacy will likely mean for the Vatican, and on the paradox of his election for today's Catholics.

Tim Morgan writes on why this conclave elected a "Pope for All Christians."

And, CNN reports on the new pontiff's "Complicated Past."

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Posted: March 18, 2013; All posts for week of March 18, 2013

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