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Wooddale Church in Minnesota recently announced Pastor Leith Anderson's successor, Dale Hummel (formerly of The Compass Church in Naperville, Illinois). Wooddale has updated its website with helpful information introducing Hummel to his new congregation. While not every church can hope to provide such elaborate production value when introducing a new pastor, there are many concepts here that are transferable to a congregation of any size:

  • Detailed information about Hummel's family, education, prior ministry, and his connection to Wooddale.
  • In-depth explanation of the procedures used to search for and call the new pastor.
  • Personal messages from the new pastor to the congregation.
  • Multiple sermon clips from Hummel's past that highlight each of Wooddale's values.

Also, check out this two-part article on some pitfalls of the pastoral succession process: Sacrificial Lamb Syndrome (Part One and Two).

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