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Trend Watch

Perspective on the buzz

Here are a few ministry-related social media posts to catch:

  • Chuck Warnock shares "6 Questions to Ask Before You Tweet." It's a helpful guide to review before you hit "enter." He applies it for bloggers too—read here.
  • Social media buff Ed Stetzer also offers his advice about using Twitter after reaching 100,000 followers (Some of us may never have to worry about that though).
  • Barna also shared some interesting statistics about socially connected ministry. One interesting finding? 70% of churches use Facebook but only 23% use Twitter.

Social media's been a big topic for Leadership this year. Be sure to read our recent issue on digital ministry for perspective, cautionary tales, and solid advice.

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Posted: September 20, 2013; All posts for week of September 16, 2013

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