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Anyone who's moved to a new city can tell you the daunting feeling as they've started to look for a church. For them—and anyone else looking for a congregation in their area—tech startup FaithStreet might be intriguing. Founder Sean Coughlin is passionate about the new venture.

Says This is Our City in a recent profile:

"Churches fill out an online profile with key information such as location and contact numbers. Web visitors can easily browse churches near them that fit their needs. But Coughlin's web application is an unorthodox business model: FaithStreet doesn't make money unless people give to their local churches. Churches that use FaithStreet encourage attendees to give online, from which FaithStreet takes a cut. 'What's great about the model is we win only when the church does,' says Coughlin."

What's more, they've seemed to dodge some of the dangers that such a platform could hold, by limiting social connectivity (church members can comment on their church though) and giving no opportunity for reviews.

" … an omission that Coughlin hopes will discourage church shopping.
"We reject the idea of reviewing churches," Coughlin says. "A church is much more like a family than it is a restaurant or a mechanic." That means you'll never be crowned mayor of your church based on how many times you check in. But you'll also never read a scathing review of the community you love."

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Posted: October 11, 2013; All posts for week of October 11, 2013

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