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Yes, and much more, say researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. They collected Facebook updates and surveys from 75,000 participants "to find out how the language we use on Facebook reflects who we are and whether that language can be used to identify age, gender, and personality." (Christianity Today)

The researchers assembled word clouds from the pile of data that they'd collected, and patterns began to emerge.

Not only could researchers predict a participant's gender based on Facebook updates with 92 percent accuracy, they also could measure emotional stability and neuroticism … But even a glance at the word cloud for emotional stability shows other apparent connections to emotional health as well: family, friends, and faith. People with high levels of emotional stability also frequently posted Facebook updates referencing church, Christ, and being "blessed."

Maybe we should all go update our feeds with something spiritual now …

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Posted: November 27, 2013; All posts for week of November 27, 2013

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