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Christianity Today has great overview of Christian athletes to watch at the Winter Olympics underway in Sochi.

Ministers will be especially interested to follow David Wise, the "man to beat" in the debuting Ski Halfpipe freeskiing event. Wise is an aspiring future pastor.

Writes Laura Leonard:

Wise won his first national title in freestyle ski halfpipe at 15 and went pro at 18. He met his wife Alexandra at church camp, eloped at 21, and had a daughter a year later. Now 23, he finished 2013 ranked first in the world in his discipline and is a gold medal favorite in his sport's first-ever Olympics. He wants his skiing to "show people that the world is beautiful. Yeah, there's ugliness mixed in, but God created us all with the potential of enjoying this place." He loves to read and lists C. S. Lewis as his favorite author. Together he and his wife run the youth group at their church, and he pictures himself someday becoming a full-time pastor.

Oh, and just for fun, don't miss the BBC's lineup of crazy uniforms at the Olympics.

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Posted: February 10, 2014; All posts for week of February 10, 2014

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