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A recent story by former CT staffer Sarah Pulliam Bailey over at Religion News Service was eye-opening. Dumpster-diving is becoming an act of faith. Why? Saving budgets and the environment.

Gio Andollo, a musician in New York City, is part of this "freeganism" movement. Freeganism refers to "the practice of reclaiming and eating food that has been discarded." Although this movement is particularly strong in the non-religious, it is growing among Christians. Andollo sees this "as an act of faith, one that is motivated by a biblical mandate to care for the Earth." Andollo uses the name "food rescuing" to describe what he does.

Sharon Cornellisen, who researches these divers, says, " … the movement generally attracts educated white people in their 20s and 30s; typically, they are people who do it by choice rather than need."

Micah Holden, a resident of Wheaton, IL, is part of a dumpster diving family. Holden says,

"I have a strong belief in being resourceful and not being wasteful. Part of that is being a good steward and being a Christian. But there's also a selfish motivation. I can get these things for free for myself."

He added that both he and his wife still shop at groceries stores but dumpster diving has become a hobby. He summed this new fad up well, "It's for people who don't care what other people think."

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Posted: February 28, 2014; All posts for week of February 28, 2014

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