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You might, says blogger Reba Riley. Riley gives the name to a spiritual condition that has been plaguing her for years. The symptoms are likely felt by many disaffected church members, former members, and soon-to-be former members.

Riley says,

"PTCS presents as a severe, negative—almost allergic—reaction to inflexible doctrine, outright abuse of spiritual power, dogma and (often) praise bands and preachers. Internal symptoms include but are not limited to: withdrawal from all things religious, failure to believe in anything, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, loss of identity, despair, moral confusion, and, most notably, the loss of desire/inability to darken the door of a place of worship."

Her tone may be sharp, but she's expressing a common sentiment. Her speculation as to treatment? " … we yearn for God without being bound by dogma and subject to spiritual abuse."

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Posted: March 12, 2014; All posts for week of March 12, 2014

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