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Adult Millennials are "Detached from Institutions, Networked with Friends."Subscriber Access Only

Recent research shared by Pew highlights that today's emerging adults—the Millennial generation—are entering their adult lives with significantly ...


Ukraine Conflict: Christian Roots?Subscriber Access Only

What does the Crimean conflict between Russian and Ukraine have to do with faith? More than the news headlines might indicate. Besides the fact that the ...


Do You Have Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome?Subscriber Access Only

You might, says blogger Reba Riley. Riley gives the name to a spiritual condition that has been plaguing her for years. The symptoms are likely felt by ...


Drive-In ChurchSubscriber Access Only

"Empty pews are forcing churches across America to get … creative," opens this story on a drive-in church featured on NPR's All Things Considered. ...


Prayer App Makes Commuting a Little More SacredSubscriber Access Only

The Church of England is soothing commuters' nerves and encouraging their souls with a new app featuring daily readings from the Book of Common Prayer. ...

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Where is God on Monday?

Where is God on Monday?Subscriber Access Only

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Assess the Effectiveness of Your Women's Ministry

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