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Millennials Leaving Religion over LGBT IssuesSubscriber Access Only

A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute shows that one-third of millenials who leave their religion do so because of the anti-gay policies ...


For Oscar Week, the "Vampire Facelift" RoseSubscriber Access Only

Students of biblical Greek will remember that the word commonly used for the world (or "cosmos") is closely related to our present day term "cosmetic." ...


Dumpster Diving … Act of Faith?Subscriber Access Only

A recent story by former CT staffer Sarah Pulliam Bailey over at Religion News Service was eye-opening. Dumpster-diving is becoming an act of faith. Why? ...


Though Finances are Better, Giving Isn't... Except from Millennials.Subscriber Access Only

A recent study by Dunham+Company reveals that 61% of Americans say their giving will remain the same as last year, and almost 25% will reduce their giving ...


Olympian David Wise's "Alternative Lifestyle" Is Being Married, With a ToddlerSubscriber Access Only

According to NBC, David Wise, an Olympic gold medalist in Sochi this year, is living an "alternative lifestyle." Why? Because at 23 he has a wife, (Alexandra), ...

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