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Should Christians Be "More Evangelical" in Public?Subscriber Access Only

Yes, says UK prime minister David Cameron, who recently voiced his opinion that Christians in the public square should,

"… Frankly, [be] more evangelical ...

40% of Americans Have "Nomophobia." Are You One of Them?Subscriber Access Only

In a recent Christian Post article, Richard Land comments on the rise of nomophobia—"The fear of not having, or losing, your smartphones." According ...


China on Track to Be 'World's Most Christian Nation' Within 15 YearsSubscriber Access Only

The Telegraph recently reported that China will become the world's most Christian nation by 2030. Tom Philips writes of "Communist China's breakneck conversion ...


Emergency Trend Alert: "Peak Beard" Has Been Reached!Subscriber Access Only

"Peak beard" has been reached, at least according to a recent story from the BBC. And apparently, economic and evolutionary principles are to blame.

"The ...

'Leadership Journal's' List of Best Ministry HashtagsSubscriber Access Only

Compiled by Leadership Journal managing editor and legendary Twitter maven Drew Dyck (that's @drewdyck to you), we hope that you benefit from this list ...

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The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter

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