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The PCUSA has voted to allow their ministers to perform same-sex marriages and redefined the definition of marriage.

"Presbyterian clergy can now marry gay and lesbian couples wherever same-sex marriage is legal. … The PCUSA's 221st General Assembly … also approved by a large majority an amendment to its Book of Order that would change the definition of marriage from one man and one woman to 'two people.'"

This, attributed to a "conservative exodus" from the denomination. The PCUSA now joins the ranks of the biggest Christian groups in the United States to allow same-sex marriages, the official vote in favor being 76% to 24%.

According to the report, the Presbyterian Lay Committee has already released a statement repudiating the vote, saying,

"The Presbyterian Lay Committee mourns these actions and calls on all Presbyterians to resist and protest them … God will not be mocked and those who substitute their own felt desires for God's unchangeable Truth will not be found guiltless before a holy God."

The Washington Post was quick to point out that, "This change will not become church law until a majority of the 172 regional presbyteries vote to ratify the new language. But given the lopsided 3-1 ratio of the vote, approval is expected."

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