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Giving USA recently released results from their yearly giving survey. Overall, giving is down to religious organizations. Religion News Service provides a quick overview of the findings; while charity overall is up, giving to churches is down almost 2%. "Behind the sad stats for religious groups, experts say, is Americans' declining interest in religious institutions."

According to Rick Dunham, CEO of a fundraising consulting firm which works with Christian ministries, the results are difficult to explain … because some religious giving is not considered religious giving. Dunham says,

"'This is a bit of a complex picture,' … because giving to religion 'is both declining … as well as shifting from houses of worship to religiously affiliated charities that are counted in other sectors.'"

Leadership Journal's sister Church Law & Tax Group weighed in on the survey findings as well.

"The downward trend identified by Giving USA appears consistent with the findings of Christianity Today's 2014 Church Budget Priorities Study, at least as far as small churches go."

They ended with a positive take on the findings, though.

"As a whole, religious giving still comprised the largest portion of all charitable giving, Giving USA said, representing 31 percent of the overall total."

At Leadership Journal we understand how important giving is to the church. A few of our recent pieces targeting generosity include: Giving is Global, Transforming Scrooge, and Why Give to the Local Church?

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