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Megachurch Launches Channel on Amazon Fire: New Ministry-Tech Frontier?Subscriber Access Only

As technology and consumer channels continue to expand into the digital age, some churches are following suit.

Community Bible Church, a megachurch in ...


After Killings, #YesAllWomen Highlights Cultural Issues of Gender and SexualitySubscriber Access Only

A recent killing spree at an Isla Vista, California college campus left seven people dead, in a crime that apparent murderer Elliot Rodger claimed was ...


Are You Ready for the Internet of Things?Subscriber Access Only

Science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact as advances in technology impact our daily lives in increasingly interesting—and intimate—ways. ...


What Does a "Theology of Work" Mean for Your Church?Subscriber Access Only

As a leader, the women and men that you serve spend a dramatic percentage of their lives in their places of employment. But how does that relate to ministry, ...


U.S. Latinos Are "Shifting Religious Identity"Subscriber Access Only

Pew highlights the (slowly) changing identification of Latinos in the United States:

Most Hispanics in the United States continue to belong to the Roman ...

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