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Is Seminary Debt Killing the Clergy?Subscriber Access Only

Like the old hymn says, "it is no secret what God can do." It's also no secret that apparently, he rarely delivers pastors from the burden of modern student ...


The #1 Reason for "Declining Attendance"?Subscriber Access Only

Has the trend of declining attendance hit your church yet? Thom Rainer surmises that the drop in average attendance numbers might not be a simple as "they ...


Challenging the Church of CoolSubscriber Access Only

Whether your ministry attire consists of skinny jeans, vestments, a thrifted vintage skirt, or 90s-style pleated Dockers, odds are good that you're constantly ...


Religious Liberty Rulings Spark ControversySubscriber Access Only

The culture war has a new public battlefield: Religious liberty. Here are some of the most recent skirmishes to keep you up to speed:


God and the World CupSubscriber Access Only

Still have soccer on the mind? Here are two brief religion angles on the World Cup:

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Confessions of a Pastor's Wife

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