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In His Absence

What do we do when God seems absent from our churches? In When God Feels Absent Peyton Jones asks some uncomfortable questions, including, "Has the church been using entertainment as a substitutionary form of life support; an iron lung that replaces breathing in the air of God's presence?"

I Like Change!

Pastor Stephen Brucker likes change. A lot. But his appetite for transition left the people he led frustrated and exhausted. Read what he learned in I Like Change!

What Gets People to Want What's Right?

There are many ways to motivate people. The challenge is to motivate them in healthy ways. Mandy Smith provides examples of how to motivate your people without resorting to should, ought, and must.

Are Churches Fixing Problems No One Cares About?

Our new blog Pivot, written by small church pastor Karl Vaters, has struck a chord with readers. In a recent post, Karl asks, "Are Churches Fixing Problems No One Cares About?"


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Practical Training from

Training Resource of the Week from
Unpaid workers in the church, while often the lifeblood of ministry, may not get the proper training and direction they need. This theme helps ministry leaders make the most of their volunteer staff. It teaches leaders how to motivate, train, and encourage people as they serve in volunteer ministry. In an interview, Bruce Bugbee, president of Network Ministries, discusses the importance of calling and that a primary task of leaders is to help people in the church find fulfillment through calling. Church work becomes meaningful by helping people find where they serve best.

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Illustration of the Week from

Illustration of the Week from
How do you train a 20-something medical school student to feel genuine empathy for senior citizens? Enter "The Age Man Suit." Consisting of ear-protectors that stifle hearing, a yellow visor that blurs eyesight and makes it hard to distinguish colors, knee and elbow pads which stiffen the joints, a Kevlar-jacket-style vest which presses uncomfortably against my chest, and padded gloves, the Age Man Suit, which weighs around 10kg, has been custom-made to simulate the physical consequences of old age....

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