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Featured DownloadThere's no doubt we live in a fallen world—just take a look at the news. Every day brings some new tragedy or crisis, whether personal, local, national, or global. And the truth is that many Christians have trouble making sense of all this suffering—including the Christians sitting in your living room.

How can small-group leaders help group members process these difficult events and respond in meaningful ways? How can we point them back to the hope that God gives us? How can we disciple them through difficult news?

Your small group can play a life-changing role when it comes to helping people respond to crisis. Whether your group is struggling with the news, group (or church) conflict, the refugee crisis, or local needs, we've got resources to help you wade through the mess. Yes, the world can be a scary place. But we serve a loving God that gives us grace, power, and hope for times like these. Read all six of our newest articles on this topic:

Blessings as you live life in community...

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson
Managing Editor,

Make an Impact
Healthy small groups don't just care for the people within the group, they look outside themselves to see how they might impact those around them. An added bonus? When we serve together, our relationships go deeper. Depending on your group, this can be done in a number of ways. Check out these resources to find out more:

Engage Your Community
Discover the real needs of your community, and make a plan that fits your group.
Meet People Where They Are
Move your small group to a non-traditional meeting place.
Missional Small Groups
Learn the benefits and how to make your group missional.
Messier than Expected
What happens when a small group takes ownership of missional living


Map Your Journey
Share your spiritual history.

Storing Up Treasures
What are your prized possessions?

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