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Prayer Muscles
Theme for this Week: Tapping in to God's Power
Harold Sala
Tuesday, December 4, 2001

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Key Bible Verses: Moses pleaded with the Lord. … "Remember your covenant with. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob" (Exodus: 32:11, 13).
Bonus Reading: Ex. 32: 9-14

Armin Gesswein, a 24-year-old Lutheran pastor, was striving to plant a church on Long Island, and things weren't going terribly well. In his church nucleus was a retired blacksmith. Armin noticed that when Ambrose Whaley prayed, things happened. He said, "The prayer and the answer weren't far apart. His 'prayer muscles' were extremely strong because of much exercise."

Wanting to learn his spiritual secrets, Armin asked to join the old blacksmith in prayer. Going to his home, they entered his old barn and climbed into the hayloft. Armin prayed. Then the old blacksmith, prayed. Finally Armin turned to him and said, "You have some kind of secret in praying. Would you share it with me?"

"Young man," said the blacksmith, "learn to plead the promises of God." The old man had knelt between two bales of hay; on each bale was an open Bible. His two large hands, gnarled and toughened by years of hard labor, were open, covering the pages of each Bible.

"I learned more about prayer in that haymow," says Armin, who established the Revival Prayer Fellowship, "than in all my years of schooling for the ministry."

—Harold Sala in Heroes

My Response:

To align my praying with God's purposes and promises, I need to . …

Thought to Apply:

It is far more important to pray with a sense of the greatness of God than with a sense of the greatness of the problem.

—Evangeline Blood (writer)

Adapted from: Heroes (Promise, 1998) with permission.

For your convenience, Heroes is available in the bookstore.

Prayer for the Week
Almighty God: Working from my own capacities doesn't get me far. Show me how to draw on Your unlimited resources.

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