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Staying True
Theme of the Week: Real Disciples Do Church
Steve Russell
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Key Bible Verse: And now God is building you, as living stones, into his spiritual temple (1 Peter 2:5).Bonus Reading: Romans 12:4-8

My visits to the other church are exciting for a time. They do seem to have it all together. But soon the reality takes over from fantasy. The other church isn't so perfect. The preacher isn't adored by everyone. There is a grumbler's club. They have budget shortfalls.

It's taken me years and countless mistakes to learn that no matter which church I'm in, people will be people and we all fall far short of God's glory. We all need His mercy to survive another day. There is no perfect church.

While I may enjoy friendship and fellowship with other Christians in other churches, I owe it to my church family and friends to stick with them for the long term, shoring up the foundations in my own congregation.

There are legitimate and often painful reasons to leave a church and seek spiritual fellowship elsewhere. Many Christians have been forced to make that difficult choice, and rightly so. Too many of us look for a new church for the wrong reasons—out of boredom, discontent, and a desire to spark up what we ourselves have neglected, instead of sticking it out for the sometimes difficult but ultimately rewarding long run of church membership.

—Steve Russell in FaithToday

My Response: How much time and effort have I put into enhancing my church?

Thought to Apply: Every person needs three homes: a family home, a heavenly home, and a church home.—BILLY GRAHAM (evangelist)

Adapted from FaithToday (9-10/05) by permission.

Prayer for the Week
In my community, Lord, help me to be a functioning part of Your body as You intend.

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