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To Be as One
Theme of the week: United We Stand
Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Who Said It … Vance Brown

Vance Brown is chairman and CEO of Band of Brothers (, a ministry that helps men "fight the good fight." With extensive business and entrepreneurial experience, Vance is also president and CEO of Cherwell Software, a licensed attorney, and the author of No Matter the Cost: Igniting a Life of Strength and Honor. Vance and his wife, Betsy, have three children and live in Colorado Springs.

What he Said … To Be as One

Has it crossed your mind lately that Jesus is praying for you and me? Have you considered that he's interceding before the Father? But he's not praying we'll get a great parking spot at the airport or that our fantasy football team will win next weekend. No, Jesus is praying with one thing on his mind—unity, that we would be as one. And don't miss the reality that unity will be threatened because of the presence of the evil one in this world. (See Key Study Passage.)

Jesus desires us to have the same kind of close-knit relationship with the Father that he does. And this unity will let the world know that the Father loves us (v. 23).

If there's one weakness I've seen over the last decade of working with men in the church, it's a lack of unity. The belief still persists that a roomful of men where somebody prays and someone else cracks open the Bible is equal to a unified group of men. That's sad, not to mention completely off base.

Key Study Passage: John 17:9-23

Adapted from No Matter the Cost (Bethany House, 2012) by permission. All rights reserved by the copyright holder and/or the publisher. May not be reproduced.

Prayer for the Week
Lord, compel me to seek out like-minded men who will commit to investing in each other's lives, so that we can encourage one another in the walk of faith.

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