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Beyond the Bottom Line
Theme of the week: Leading with Love
Monday, December 31, 2012

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Key Bible Verse: And masters, treat your servants considerately. Be fair with them. Don't forget for a minute that you, too, serve a Master—God in heaven. (Colossians 4:1, The message) Dig Deeper: 1 Peter 5:1-4

[Before I came to HFE], I had been living by the numbers because numbers were all my leaders seemed to care about. If I had any deeper principles, I needed to check them at the company door, because once I was at work, it was all about financial performance.

When I performed well, I was rewarded and respected. When I failed, I felt like I was kicked to the curb. It was that simple. Inside I longed for a better way. I wanted to care about the people I worked with and for. I wanted to work somewhere that rejected the false dichotomy between profit and people or profit and principles.

But I had been in business long enough to know that was a nearly impossible dream.

My experience at HFE [has revolutionized] the way I see leadership. [I am convinced] that leading with love is the best way to run an organization. Any organization. The bottom line is best served when leaders lead with love.

I understand that this is a controversial claim, but I also now understand that it is true. Love isn't a feeling, but an action, an action by which leaders and entire organizations can experience almost unimaginable success and personal fulfillment.

My Response: What's my initial reaction to the idea of leading with love? Why do I feel this way?

Adapted from Love Works (Zondervan, 2012) by permission. All rights reserved by the copyright holder and/or the publisher. May not be reproduced.

Prayer for the Week
Lord, in the situations where I am a leader, help me to submit my pride and ambition to you and lead with love for those who follow.

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