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A Cry for Unity
Theme of the Week: Practicing Unity
Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Key Bible Verse: If possible, to the best of your ability, live at peace with all people. (Romans 12:18, CEB)

Dig Deeper: Romans 12:14-21

Remember Rodney King's now famous cry for unity, "Can't we all get along?" King was desperately trying to add his voice to the rallying cry of many to stop the 1992 riot in Los Angeles. This African-American man had been the victim of police brutality ...

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Prayer for the Week
Lord, please help me to be persistent and patient in seeking out meaningful friendships with people from other cultures or ethnicities.

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James curry bennett jr

January 22, 2014  11:45pm

If you're gonna use an example to spread God's word it should be someone other than Rodney King. What about the people who caused the deaths and the 50 billion in damages? Maybe you should be preaching to them about not fighting evil with evil. Or at least taking responsibly for your actions and stop placing the blame on someone else. This week seems to me like someone wasn't at all interested in sharing Gods word but wanting to just share their personal feelings about racism and try to make white people feel guilty to be born white.If we are gonna use someone as an example try Tony Dungy or Tony Evans or what Martin Luther king actually believed in. These are and were Godly men. The real problem isn't racism, the problem is, we don't have enough men to take a stand for Christ and be the Godly man we are called to be even in our own home and our children will pay the price for it. We have too many fatherless children growing up without their hero (dad) and are without a godly example.

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