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The Wrong Focus
Theme of the Week: Sin: What We Can't and Can Do About It
Monday, January 27, 2014

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Key Bible Verse: I know that good does not live in me—that is, in my human nature. For even though the desire to do good is in me, I am not able to do it. (Romans 7:18, GNT)

Dig Deeper: Romans 7

Overcoming sinful actions consumes the thoughts and energies of many sincere believers. They are completely dedicated to stopping the wrong things they do and replacing those actions with actions that glorify God. While their motives are certainly sincere, their goal and focus are completely misguided.

Paul wrote about this matter in Romans 8:6: "The mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace" (NASB, et al.). To focus on the wrong things we do is to put our attention on fleshly things. Paul said that to do that moves us in the opposite direction of experiencing God's life and peace. It's a matter of badly misplaced focus. In fact, to take this approach not only won't reduce sinful actions; it will actually increase wrong behavior in our lives. The truth of the matter is, the Bible teaches we aren't to focus on sins at all, but to focus our attention undividedly on Jesus Christ.

Paul dealt with [this misdirected focus] when he warned the Colossian church, which he had established in grace, to not make sins their focus, but instead to look to Christ: "Set your mind on things above, not on things that are on earth" (Col. 3:2).

—Steve McVey in The Grace Walk Devotional

My Response: What do I do to keep from sinning? Does my approach work? Does my approach track with what's taught in this reading?

Adapted from—The Grace Walk Devotional by Steve McVey (Harvest House, 2013) by permission. All rights reserved by the copyright holder and/or the publisher. May not be reproduced.

Prayer for the Week
Heavenly Father, may I remember that I can't rid myself of sin by my own effort and that Christ died and rose again to free me from the power of sin and death.

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