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Theme of the Week: Holy Week: Choosing the Cross
Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Key Bible Verse: "I speak to you as my friends, and I have told you everything that my Father has told me." (John 15:15, CEV)

Dig Deeper: Matthew 26:47-50

The disciples called him Lord, Master, Rabbi, the Christ. Jesus called them simply "friends." He urged them to "love each other as I have loved you" (John 15:12, NIV).

But that night in Gethsemane, the disciples' love for Jesus was not apparent. They ...

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Prayer for the Week
Thank you, suffering Redeemer, for paying the price for my sin. ... And through me, in some small or large way today, bring your priceless redemption to others.—Michael Card

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Jon tack

April 22, 2014  7:51am

This spiritual journey is a roller coaster. Climbing high towards heaven and then temptation rears it's evil root and catches us and we quickly dive down the wrong direction. The great thing about Christs' forgiveness is the longer we search out God each day, the greater and longer the uphill elevation goes and the less drop we seem to experience. Thank you father for always being there with arms wide open waiting to accept me again no matter what mistake I make.

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Curt Schleicher

April 15, 2014  8:03am

My betrayals of Christ far outweigh in number and proportion, any betrayals I may have encountered in my life's journey. I betray Christ with every sinful thought that passes through my mind. The cost for my sin, Jesus' life, I am thankful for every day, and yet sin creeps in again and again and again, like a stubborn weed, that I rip from my life. Only to discover a piece remaining that I need to confess. Thank you, dear Lord, for bringing them into your light so that they may be exposed for their true value to me---utter garbage! My new life, I breathe from you, is invaluable and priceless by comparison. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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William Andrew Wilson

April 15, 2014  7:39am

Kinda like Hilter changing the real meaning of what we call the swastika.

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