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In Pursuit of Pleasure
Theme of the Week: Pleasures that Really Satisfy
Sunday, March 9, 2014

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Who Said It … Jud Wilhite

Jud Wilhite is the senior pastor of Central Christian Church (—a congregation founded in Las Vegas with campuses in a number of states and one as far away as Australia. As a teenager, Jud wrestled with addiction for several years before surrendering his life to God. He now has a passion to help the unchurched experience God's radical grace in Jesus. He is the author of several books including Pursued, Torn, Throw It Down, Eyes Wide Open, and The God of Yes—the source of this week's readings. Jud and his wife, Lori, have two children, Emma and Ethan, and a slobbery Bulldog named Roxy.

What he Said … In Pursuit of Pleasure

Living in one of the pleasure capitals of the world, I get a front row seat to many of the ways we try to fill our lives through entertainment. Vegas is wired up to max out pleasures at any moment. The lights are on 24/7 with nonstop shows, gaming, shopping, and food prepared by world-renowned chefs. Celebrities are always commemorating birthdays and corporate milestones as people roll in ready to spend money and enjoy themselves in ways that they would never do at home and are impossible to sustain.

Live here awhile and you learn that if someone stays long enough, plays long enough, and parties long enough, they always bottom out. Many times they turn to God for help and walk into our church. Twenty years as a believer has taught me that often what we're looking for in the pursuit of pleasure is really something only God can provide.

Key Study Passage: Psalm 16

Adapted from the book The God of Yes: How Faith Makes All Things New by Jud Wilhite. Copyright © 2014 by Jud Wilhite. Reprinted by permission of FaithWords. All rights reserved.

Prayer for the Week
Heavenly Father, forgive me when I seek pleasures that will never fulfill or satisfy me. May I seek you more than anything else—the giver of all that is good, enjoyable, and truly pleasurable.

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Randy Kimmel

March 12, 2014  5:53am

What a great read this morning.

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Gregorie Kalipersad

March 09, 2014  8:02am

Lord have mercy! The reading reminds me the Christian song: "turn your eyes on Jesus". Click here for it: I've been learning from the Lord about distractions. It's like someone talking to us, we're listening in part, but focused doing something else. God wants our undivided attention, more so when we are doing devotions. God help us all not to be distracted....and be focused.

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