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Grace amid Change
Theme of the Week: Strengthen Your Marriage by God's Grace
Friday, May 9, 2014

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Key Bible Verse: Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. (Romans 12:10)

Dig Deeper: Romans 12:9-21

What should we do when marriage becomes an obstacle course of hurt and disappointment? There are lots of marriage experts who will tell you to try harder. But no amount of effort has resulted in lasting transformation in your relationship. There are others who ...

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Prayer for the Week
Heavenly Father, I humbly yield my relationship with my wife to you, asking for your transforming grace to permeate all areas of my marriage.

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Curt Schleicher

May 09, 2014  8:40am

The most recent change we experienced was just this past year when i was put on permanent disability. My wife accepted the change in stride; although i realize the whole event was as life changing for her as it was for me. But what amazed me was her immediate mindset: to celebrate with a retirement party! How can i put more grace in our marriage---by following her lead and seeing the positive, celebratory side in difficult situations. i am discovering why the Lord led me to share by life with this woman daily. She's my missing puzzle piece. She makes me whole. She's the white bread to my dark rye. Thank you, Lord, for Bonny---this indescribable, awesome lady in my life. Words aren't nearly enough to convey what she means to me. In Jesus name, I praise You for this gift , and pray for her safety and well-being, Amen!

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May 09, 2014  5:31am

I am thankful to have huge amounts of grace in this marriage God has me in. Sometimes we need to relearn and put to heart God's way. 15 years (full of grace from both), married to my wife. Jesus reaches out to other couples through us and draws them to himself, so they too can learn grace, love, respect, and glorify him. 💯

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