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Weekend Bible Study
Theme of the Week: Taking Care of Busyness
Saturday, August 30, 2014

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The story of Mary and Martha is a familiar one. But it's a story that should never grow old with retelling. We all need to hear it—and heed its lessons—time and time again. Why? Because our schedules easily fill up with many things to do—and most of it would be considered good and important. But in all our busyness, let's never forget the most important thing we can do ...

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Prayer for the Week
Lord, forgive me for those times I've crammed too much into my life and schedule. Forgive me when I've made work more important than family and friends. Most of all, help me to slow down and rest daily in your presence.

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Curt Schleicher

August 30, 2014  9:24am

More often than not, i find myself in Martha's shoes not Mary's. As i begin each day, assist me in making it Your Day and not my "to do" list. Your purpose is so much greater than mine could ever be. In Your name, Jesus, i pray, amen.

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August 24, 2014  10:31am

As an aircraft mechanic I have gotten so used to and required to use check lists I find myself beginning each day with a check list of things to do. After reading today's devotional, prayer and meditation are at the top of my Check list.

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