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Encouragement: Give and Receive
Dave Williamson
Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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In the mid 1970s, radio airwaves were full of Harry Chapin's Cat's in the Cradle, a haunting ballad of an out-of-sync father and son who never manage to spend time together. Years after I became a father, those lyrics were the source of a personal ...

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Evan Friese

December 14, 2014  9:46am

To James and so many others who are struggling, particularly in their marriage. You cannot do this alone. There are other men who God has called to encourage and disciple you. They may not find you. You must step out of the comfort of isolation and pride and seek them. Do not delay. And please don't "filter out" the anger and hurt your wife is expressing. You need to hear and feel it no matter how painful it is to you personally. See your wife through the eyes of Jesus. She is desperate for your leadership. Love her, serve her and above listen attentively to her without defending or thinking of your rebuttal before she has completed her rant. You have what it takes. The Spirit has given you all that you need. We must humble ourselves daily to seek His will and tap into His power to do what we are incapable to do ourselves. God is FOR marriage and God is FOR you.

JAMES Trullinger

December 14, 2014  8:01am

Very Appropriate for me today as I struggle in my relationship with my spouse of 28 years. I need to listen to what she is saying and filter out the anger and the hurt in her message. I need to encourage her and lead by example. I never thought of encouragement as a need but I can see by isolating myself from others has hindered my relationships and my walk with Jesus.

David Wegmann

October 02, 2013  6:04am

This is just what I needed to be reminded of, I try to do it as I go though the day, but sometimes I feel,and I know I become the opposite. I am just turning 65 this month, and I remember having a conversation with my wife many years ago as this one. Reevaluating my time and thought patterns are a constant battle at times but I thank God for the wife he gave me, and thank him so much for blessing as in this message that keep me on track.

Displaying 1–3 of 3 comments.

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