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In Pursuit of Pleasure
Theme of the Week: Pleasures that Really Satisfy
Monday, October 16, 2017

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Key Bible Verse: I denied myself nothing my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure. (Ecclesiastes 2:10A)

Dig Deeper: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

My life changed radically when I first said yes to God, but it changed ultimately when I lived in the implications ...

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Thom Griffith

October 21, 2017  12:20am

As Jud Wilhite shared about his experiences in Las Vegas, We need to pause a moment and ask God to touch the family impacted by the shooting and even with all the sadness, we pray our Lord can heal many of the people impacted by this event and God can give them His pure Joy!

Tillman McIntyre

October 17, 2017  8:30am

The one true pleasure is the overriding, ever-present, gift of Grace from our Lord through the blood of his Son. We all know it, thank GOD!, but if you're like me you forget about it sometimes and the pleasure pursuits creep in to overwhelm us. They do me, and I have to be reminded to cover myself in that Grace once more. Great read and thank you for being the vehicle of that reminder!

Mr-mrs Wiebe

October 16, 2017  7:50am

Check out "God's at War" by Kyle Idelman for another great read about our pursuit of happiness and fulfilment in anything other than the one true God.

Randy Kimmel

March 12, 2014  5:53am

What a great read this morning.

Gregorie Kalipersad

March 09, 2014  8:02am

Lord have mercy! The reading reminds me the Christian song: "turn your eyes on Jesus". Click here for it: I've been learning from the Lord about distractions. It's like someone talking to us, we're listening in part, but focused doing something else. God wants our undivided attention, more so when we are doing devotions. God help us all not to be distracted....and be focused.

Displaying 1–5 of 5 comments.

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