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The Cure for Awe Amnesia
Creation is designed to direct our attention to God.
Interview with Paul Tripp
Thursday, March 10, 2016

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The Cure for Awe Amnesia

1. As you were writing Awe, you went through a stressful and discouraging season with significant health struggles. What perspective did you gain?

Suffering is always God's gracious reminder that our hope and peace is never to be found in the people, places, possessions, experiences, or situations in the physical created world, but in him and him alone. In this way, difficulty is not God abandoning you, but coming near to you with his presence and grace, teaching you to put your hope in what can never be taken away.

It has been very humbling to be confronted with the need to confess how much of my joy and contentment was not the result of faith in God, but was there because I was physically strong, healthy, and productive. What may look like awe of God can actually be awe of self. By God's grace, weakness exposed my misplaced awe.

2. Why is awe such a pivotal issue in the life of a Christian?

You could argue that between the "already" of our coming to Christ and the "not yet" of our final home going, all of life is one big war of awe. You see, by God's design you and I were hardwired for awe. We long to be amazed, to experience wonder, and to have something great to live for. This means that each us will live in awe of something, and what captures your awe will shape the direction of your life and the way you respond to the things you face every day. Jesus came to give us our awe back again. He came so that those who live would no longer live for themselves (2 Cor. 5:15).

3. What advice do you have for men who feel like they are struggling to give God the awe he deserves?

God knew that this would be a huge battle for us. He knew that we would fall over and over again into practical awe amnesia, so it was not enough for him to just forgive us (praise him for his forgiveness), no he has unzipped us and gotten inside of us by his Spirit. So that we would have the help we need in our awe struggle. Know too, that Jesus willingly bore the Father's rejection so that we would never again see the back of God's head. This means we can run into his presence as weak and failing men and not that he will not condemn us, but will meet us with forgiving and transforming grace. The gospel of Jesus Christ welcomes us to be the most honest community of men on earth, no longer needing to act like we're something that we're not. Now that's good news!

Paul David Tripp is a pastor, author, and conference speaker. He is the president of Paul Tripp Ministries and works to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. This vision has led Paul to write 16 books on Christian living, produce 14 teaching series.

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