Ruth Graham's public funeral

Billy: "I sat there a long time last night looking at her, and I prayed, because I knew she had a great reception in heaven."

Here's the press release regarding the funeral:

Ruth Graham's Life Celebrated by Husband, Children, and Community of Friends

All Five Graham Siblings Participate in Funeral Program and Greet the Public At Close Of Service; All 19 Grandchildren Serve as Pallbearers.

With her husband, Billy Graham, her older sister and five children participating in the program, and all 19 of her grandchildren serving as pallbearers or honorary pallbearers, Ruth Graham's life was celebrated at her public funeral today in the 2,000-seat Anderson Auditorium at the Montreat Conference Center filled to capacity with family members and friends from the local community.

The day began with a procession from the funeral home, where hundreds of local residents ? from families with little children to the frail and elderly ? lined the route to pay their respects to Mrs. Graham. Some stood with hands on hearts; others, including ranks of law enforcement and fire and rescue personnel, gave crisp salutes.

The funeral service ...

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