German Christians Fight for Right to Home-school

Frankfurt, Germany – After police barged into the Busekros family home in Bavaria, the family's 15-year-old daughter, Melissa, was placed in a psychiatric facility, and later long-term foster care.

The police, the girl said, told her she had been brainwashed by her conservative evangelical parents, who home-schooled her. "They never even tested me to know for sure that I had a mental problem," said Busekros, now 19.

The moment Busekros turned 16 and could legally choose where she would live, she slipped through a window at her foster home and returned to her parents.

Earlier this year, Elke Schupp missed a court date to answer charges of home-schooling her two young boys. Later, when a police car with lights flashing pulled up behind her on a German highway, Schupp said, she panicked and slowed down long enough to send her boys running off

into a forest.

When police caught up with them, she said, she lost custody for good.

"I told them I wouldn't home-school again," said Schupp, a nonreligious ...

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