Court Orders YouTube to Remove Example of How *Not* to Evangelize Muslims

'Innocence of Muslims,' blamed for Benghazi and nixing blasphemy reform in Pakistan, taken down by a controversial copyright claim.
Court Orders YouTube to Remove Example of How *Not* to Evangelize Muslims
Image: YouTube

"Innocence of Muslims" had an outsized impact beyond being a brief and bad film.

It sparked the deaths of dozens of people in at least 10 countries. It was initially blamed for the Benghazi embassy scandal. It even quashed a promising debate on blasphemy reform in Pakistan, and sparked debate on how Christian broadcasters should best evangelize Muslims in the Arab world.

And now, it is finally no longer on YouTube—thanks to a controversial copyright claim.

A federal appeals court has ordered Google to remove the 2012 anti-Islam video from YouTube and other platforms, ruling that the film infringed an actress's copyright.

The Ninth Circuit said the actress Cindy Lee Garcia never consented to being in the film and copyright law protect her performance, reports the Los Angeles Times.

"While answering a casting call for a low-budget amateur film doesn't often lead to stardom, it also rarely turns an aspiring actress into the subject of a fatwa," ...

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