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Does 1 Huge New Church in Egypt Make Up for Troubles with 24 Small Ones?
Government says worship in hundreds of unregistered churches is allowed. Will neighbors agree?
A Small Rural Church Is Hard to Kill
A Texas Baptist pastor on the risk and resilience of America’s smallest congregations.
The No. 1 Reason Churches End Up in Court Is No Longer Abuse
For the first time in a decade, there’s a new lawsuit leader.
Let My People Build Subscriber access only
After 160 years of suppression, Egypt makes room for new churches.
The Promised Law: Egypt Authorizes New Churches
(UPDATED) After more than 160 years, restrictions on church building—including requiring Christians to get permission from the country’s president—are finally eased.
The Long Road to Building Israel's First Post-Statehood Church
Despite fierce opposition, these Israeli Christians are making history with their new home.
Urban Churches Face Black Flight Subscriber access only
African American congregations try two new options to stay in DC: white neighbors and developers.
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 5
Can a church building be culturally engaged?
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 4
Here are seven "Third Places" churches have built in and for their communities.
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 3
Third Places are the new multi-purpose building.
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 2
Larger churches building smaller buildings with community areas are a growing trend.
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 1
Don't overlook the philosophical importance of worship facilities.
What My Church Gained—and Lost—When We Stopped Renting
I never thought I'd miss it . . .
Awkward Church Stock Photos: The Scary Cross
Back! Back, I say!
11 Portraits of Charleston Survivors' Grief and Grace Subscriber access only
CT sent a reporter and a photographer to be with the family members of several victims.
Take Time To Linger Outside the Church Door
In churches as in neighborhoods, sometimes the front lawn is the best place to build community.
Our Parking Team's Reflected Light
We see oceans of asphalt. They see opportunity.
From Garbage to Glory Subscriber access only
The cave churches of Cairo offer sanctuary in the midst of squalor.
Loving My Labyrinthine Church
Our tangled building tells an evolving story.
Pastor of China's Largest Church Jailed for Protesting Removal of 1,500 Crosses
Christian unity growing as government-approved churches no longer immune from persecution.