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Too Soon for Perry Noble's Second Chance at Church?
NewSpring says its founder, who was fired last year, still isn't qualified to pastor.
Messages from the Edge: Suicide Notes on Social Media
How Facebook turns the left-behind into horrified witnesses.
Physician-Assisted Suicide in California Becomes Legal as Gov. Brown Signs Bill
(UPDATED) Controversial law, inspired by Brittany Maynard, allows physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill.
Ashley Madison and the Danger of Glamorizing the Sin We Denounce
Exposing someone to a previously unknown opportunity to sin makes us foolhardy at best, and co-conspirators at worst.
How We Became Too Busy for Friends Subscriber access only
Our surface-level relationships have social and spiritual consequences.
Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Scrapped in California
(UPDATED) Christian, disability, and medical groups persuade lawmakers to reject End of Life Option Act.
'Broken' Ergun Caner Resigns as President of Brewton-Parker College Subscriber access only
Caner brought struggling school back to health. Now he will focus on his own.
I was Going to Commit Suicide, but…
An invitation to a friend may save a life.
Morning Roundup 10/14/14
Suicide Prevention; Obstacle for Women in Evangelicalism; Ken Silva
1 in 4 Pastors Have Struggled with Mental Illness, Finds LifeWay and Focus on the Family Subscriber access only
Family ministry has LifeWay Research examine how well (or not well) churches address mental health.
Morning Roundup 8/20/14
Robin Williams' Faith; Italian Evangelicals Wary; Human Progress Died
Staying Alive in a Suicidal World Subscriber access only
Will the body of Christ live up to its name to stem suicide?
Can Churches Separate Mental Illness and Shame? Subscriber access only
Rick Warren confronts one more "last taboo."
Morning Roundup 12/12/13
Son of Megachurch Pastor Commits Suicide; Nelson Mandela; Affirmative Action
Joel Hunter's Son Isaac Found Dead After Suicide Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Two Orlando-area megachurches ask for prayers for grieving family; Kay Warren, who recently lost her own son to suicide, reacts.
Morning Roundup 9/26/13
Christians Rescue World's Orphans; Parents Repent to Your Kids; Suicide Fact Sheet
Rick Warren Tells Story of Son's Suicide on CNN Subscriber access only
'I never questioned my faith in God. I questioned God's plan,' said Warren in what Piers Morgan called his most-inspiring interview ever.
Rick Warren's First Sermon Since Son's Suicide Promises Push on Mental Health Subscriber access only
Pastor envisions campaign to rival megachurch’s work on HIV/AIDS.
Gleanings: June 2013 Subscriber access only
Important developments in the church and the world.
Antidote to Poison
I was haunted by failure to the edge of suicide—and then came life.