The Best Comments of 2005

With the new year upon us this seems like the right time to highlight the best comments from the most popular posts of 2005. True, Out of Ur has only been in existence since October, but if mediocre sitcoms have taught us anything it's that everyone loves a "best of" show. The comments below are ones we found insightful, witty, or just plain funny. Thanks to everyone who has helped get this conversation started. We look forward to more conversation, controversy, and congeniality in 2006.


Why James McDonald is Not Emerging

What are Emergent Christians? I thought Rev. McDonald made his point quite clear. Emergent Christians are fault-finding, biblically illiterate, disobedient, style worshiping, culturally obsessed, people seduced by a desire for respectability.

Posted by Michael Kruse


How Emergent Are You? McLaren's Seven Layers of the Emergent Conversation

Is it just me or does it seem to anyone else that this whole website appears to be far more focused on the world than on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Posted by William Gormley

It's you.

Posted by Dirk


Expletive Undeleted 2: The F-bomb Fallout

I've responded to only three or four blogs in my life; scholars/teachers have a few other commitments in life too :) , but I'm now pondering the whole "medium is the message" question. Does the very FORMAT of inviting people of inevitably tons of conflicting perspectives to respond to an issue this potentially divisive, and then to respond to each other, inherently work against the love and unity of the church that is already found too little in most places?

Posted by Dr. Craig Blomberg


Who Really Needs Church? Coping with the Death of Ecclesiology

What passes for ecclesiology has become fixed on preserving the church (small c) as an institution rather than building a Church (capital C) of authentic Christ-following believers. Barna's research reveals the little c's utter evangelical ineffectiveness, and, tragically, it's general refusal to capitulate to the idea of ministry that isn't somehow tied to a local church, despite demonstrable success."Thinking outside the box" works sometimes, but many of us wonder why the box is there to begin with.

Posted by dorsey


The Jaded Driven Church: Re-Introducing People to God & His Church

Maybe we can stop feeling guilty when some of our growth isn't the purely "unchurched" but restoration of the wounded and disillusioned. I wonder if most of what we call seekers are actually divorc?s who are cautiously trying to get back into the pool, one toe at a time.
December 28, 2005

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December 28, 2005  11:23am

My fav was who really needs church. I think that most of us are dealing with that more than anything else right now.

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