Introducing Url and the Urthlings
Meet the contributors and moderator of Out of Ur.

Url Scaramanga is the facilitator of Out or Ur and an adjunct professor of interdisciplinary pseudonymology at the College of Creative Writing in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. He is the son of circus performers but left to pursue ministry. Url nearly earned a seminary degree but was "encouraged to seek another calling" after an unfortunate incident in hermeneutics class involving a pigeon. He retains a keen interest in issues of theology, culture, carnivals, and ministry, and believes blogging is the best use of his gifts for the church.

Skye Jethaniis senior editor of Leadership Journal. He has also served at Blanchard Alliance Church in Wheaton as a teaching pastor where he continues to teach regularly. He studied pastoral ministry at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He hold degrees in history and comparative religion, and has spoken and written widely about Christianity and consumerism. Skye first met Url at an ashram near Varanasi, India, where Url served as a short-term missionary/masseuse.

Brandon O'Brien is assistant editor of Leadership Journal. He also contributes to, and has worked on the editorial team. His writing has also been featured in USAToday. Brandon has served in pastoral ministry in Arkansas, and carries degrees in Biblical Studies, Christian History, and Literature. He first met Url at The Slug and Lettuce, a pub in Edinburgh, Scotland, although both deny the veracity of the official police report.

Marshall Shelley is editor of Leadership Journal and an editorial vice-president of Christianity Today International. Marshall joined Leadership Journal in 1982 after developing journalistic skills at Cook Publishing Co. and The Denver Post, and after serving as a pastor in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Marshall met Url while they both served as understudies to Patrick Swayze in a short-lived musical stage production of the film Ghost.

Drew Dyck is the managing editor of Leadership Journal and author of Generation Ex-Christian. His research on the younger generation has been featured in USA Today, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Times. Drew has served as a youth pastor and holds an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He lives with his wife Grace, and their son Athanasius, in Carol Stream. Drew is originally from Canada. He met Url in Nunavik while tracking polar bears across the frozen tundra.

Paul Pastor is online editor for Leadership Journal and Out of Ur. He has written for many of Christianity Today's publications on issues of faith, ministry, art, and culture. Paul is from Portland, Oregon, holds an M.A. in biblical exegesis, and wears lumberjack clothes with a minimum of irony. He lives in West Chicago, IL. He first met Url while filming a shy Sasquatch family in the desolate Hatfield Wilderness. Unfortunately, their crisp footage of the legendary ape's social behavior has been lost.

October 01, 2005

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Lloyd Mansfield

January 31, 2009  4:15pm

I have just finished reading Plagiarism articles. Good thoughts. Some of us are trying to write and produce inspiriting lessons to help others preach and teach and to support us later in life. Also after 40+ years of preaching, some of us might have something to say to younger developing men of God. Documentation of a source shows honor and respect for men upon whose shoulder we stand with some sermons we present. Regards, Lloyd Mansfield

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January 08, 2009  12:01pm

Url, I stumbled across your blog and appreciate the cross section of topics you cover from doctrine to culture to theology. However, I have a question for you. Has it dawned on you and any of your writers how devoid of color these conferences and movements are? As progressive as some of them are in their thinking about racial reconciliation and social change, it seems like they may never experience a conflict such as the Jerusalem council in Acts 15 that could help redirect them. Frankly put, the U.S. is getting browner and blacker, yet this does not appear to be affecting these new Christian movements. Any thoughts?

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Cornelia Becker Seigneur

December 03, 2008  12:39am

Would you consider other categories to your left? such as Family. . . Do women write for you as well? - hint hint [yes, I would be interested :__)]- . . . Family talk could be combined with discussions of youth ministry and children's ministry. . . I find this site quite interesting as I love discussing faith and culture and family and Christian spirituality. . . Cornelia Seigneur

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October 31, 2008  6:52pm

interesting, i'll be back later

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Rich Tatum

September 26, 2008  3:03pm

Url, do you also play an angel on Saving Grace? Do you have wings? Can you fly? Rich BlogRodent

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