The Top 10 Posts of 2006
Scandals, apologies, and a bit of nudity—it was a memorable year for Out of Ur

These ten blog posts were not chosen by Leadership's editors, but by the thousands of visitors to Out of Ur every month. Thanks for contributing to the conversation this year. In order of popularity, here's a look back at the most visited and commented upon posts from ?06.


Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question

Finding a pastoral response.

The couple approached me immediately after the service. This was their first time visiting, and they really enjoyed the service, they said, but they had one question. You can guess what the question was about: not transubstantiation, not speaking in tongues, not inerrancy or eschatology, but where our church stood on homosexuality. Read more.


The Haggard Truth

Gordon McDonald on soul assassins and the future of evangelicalism.

It is difficult beyond description to watch Ted Haggard's name and face dragged across the TV screen every hour on the news shows. But as my friend, Tony Campolo said in an interview last week, when we spend our lives seizing the microphone to speak to the world of our opinions and judgments, we should not surprised when the system redirects its spotlight to us, justly or unjustly, in our bad moments. Read more.


Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question (Part 4)

McLaren's response.

I read with interest - and some pain - the first few days' worth of responses to my article. I thought that some readers would be interested in a few of my responses to their responses. Read more.


Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question (Part 3)

A prologue and rant by Mark Driscoll.

Before I begin my rant, let me first defend myself. First, the guy who was among the first to share the gospel with me was a gay guy who was a friend. Second, I planted a church in my 20s in one of America's least churched cities where the gay pride parade is much bigger than the march for Jesus. Third, my church is filled with people struggling with same sex attraction and gay couples do attend and we tell them about the transforming power of Jesus. Read more.


Your Own Personal Jesus

Is the language of "a personal relationship" biblical?

So how does one have a personal relationship with someone you can't talk to, share a glass of wine with, or even email? We need to do some fundamental reflection on the whole notion of having a "personal relationship" with Jesus Christ. Read more.


Nudity in Church

Is it art or obscenity?

I got a call Sunday morning as I was driving to our worship gathering. A friend informed me that the coffeehouse our church worshiped in had new artwork displayed including a number of nude drawings. He asked what we should do? No one taught me how to handle this in seminary. Read more.

December 29, 2006

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January 12, 2007  12:19am

Thnx a lot for your splendid site. I learned a lot of interesting things from it alles gute :)

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Shawna R. B. Atteberry

January 03, 2007  1:28pm

Great list. Thanks! I missed a few of these posts the first time around. I look forward to reading them.

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January 02, 2007  11:51am

I think this is an excellent forum for tackling those issues that the good folks in the pews would harrumph at, and mutter something about some subjects best left suited for the uncouth in the Pubs.

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Sam Andress

December 29, 2006  6:15pm

Great posts on timely topics! I have appreciated the comments on here and only hope these issues are actually being wrestled with in church communities across the world. In this New Year to come, may Jesus take us all further "into the subversion." Peace.

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December 29, 2006  12:56pm

Great year! Great facilitator of debate!! Thanks

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Geoff Baggett

December 29, 2006  7:39am

I have enjoyed these posts, and many more. I have welcomed the opportunity to comment and interact with people from all walks of Christian life. I find that so often my interaction with other Christians (like most of us, I think), is limited to my own denominational "cocoon." I look forward to many great discussions in 2007!

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