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January 30, 2007

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Dave Boecker

March 14, 2007  2:29pm

I know i shouldn't get into the wine so early!

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Teresa Olson

February 19, 2007  11:08pm

"Sorry to dissapoint you, we're not looking to hire circus performers - yet." -or- Church planting pastor Ed says, "I see you've mistakenly come to the wrong facility. The circus is farther down the road." -or- "Yes, I'm sure you have some valuable things to say, but you need to straighten up your act before I let you get behind the pulpit." -or- Pastor Jim responds to the Board's complaint that there isn't enough humor in his messages: "So, what do you want, a circus act?"

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David Sparks

February 19, 2007  7:48am

As a representative of the search commitee I must tell you that, no matter the size of the crowd you draw, you would all be sharing one salary. It may not matter to you but it was a big deal to the dog and pony show we had last week.

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February 07, 2007  3:18pm

"In an effort to be more relevant, Pastor Bill makes some unusual additions to the Sunday service." or "No, I don't swallow swords or anything like that." or "Jim, speechless, stared into the face of his long lost twin who had selected a line of work which mirrored his own in peculiar ways." Nathanael Smith Grace Brethren Church of Columbus Columbus OH

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February 06, 2007  11:21am

I had something a little different in mind for youth sunday.... Corey Whittaker Durham NC Christ the King Moravian Church

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Brendan Tan

February 05, 2007  12:20am

"Pastor, we like what you tell us about this Jesus guy, we have accepted Him in our heart as instructed by you ... what's next?" Brendan Tan Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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February 04, 2007  2:06pm

"So, I guess we're all working for peanuts!" "Let's see if that mega church in town can beat OUR vacation bible school!"

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February 02, 2007  7:24pm

Did you bring your own power point or do we need to take care of that? Cindy Bryan Hope Hull United Methodist Church Hope Hull, AL

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Ryan Smith

February 02, 2007  2:17pm

"When I said the Deacon board was turning into a circus, it was a metaphor. A metaphor!" Ryan Smith Grace Church White Center, WA

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Ward Parkinson

February 02, 2007  10:05am

I said read the latest from Barna, not Barnum!

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