The Next Caption Contest

What are your captions for this cartoon by Rob Portlock? We know Out of Ur and Leadership readers will have some great ones on this theme.

Winning entries will be published in the Fall 2007 edition of Leadership. Please include your name, your church's name, city, and state.

July 31, 2007

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August 12, 2007  2:41pm

The deacons here do "The Fisherman's Hornpipe" every time the building fund offering tops $10,000. Kathy Wynveen Living Hope Bible Church Sheboygan Falls, WI

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August 08, 2007  10:26am

"This is the stuff that makes me question if America's Got Talent!?" Ryan Canadian Baptists of the West Alberta, CANADA

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August 06, 2007  6:47pm

". . . clone him!, clone him! . . . ah,oops, sorry, got carried away . . . "

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August 06, 2007  2:08pm

These mega-church programs are getting so popular that we cannot even see them any more. Matthew Morine

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Jesse Tink

August 06, 2007  10:12am

I think that the fifth guy in from the left is the new full time assistant to the Associate Director of Children's Multimedia Enterprises over at the Northeast Satellite Campus. Jesse Tink Prairie Lakes Church Cedar Falls, IA

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August 05, 2007  1:30pm

What I said was, "I would like to see the Ministry team's STANCE!

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Kate A.

August 04, 2007  10:57pm

A half-time show? Don't you think Pastor Bob's "Life is Like a Football Game" series has gotten out of hand?

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Michael Malanga

August 03, 2007  9:41pm

Wait 'til you see their rendition of "Shall We Gather By the River."

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August 02, 2007  2:50pm

"This is the weirdest pastor search committee I've ever served on." OR "I always knew excommunication would make for good reality TV." OR "I hope they vote off the third pastor from the left; he lacks a certain je ne sais quoi." David A. Zimmerman Community Presbyterian Church Lombard, Illinois

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August 02, 2007  1:01pm

Is this "dancing in the spirit" or the Rockettes?

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