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February 25, 2008

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November 02, 2008  10:50am

i agree with my score 55, mentioning moderate. regards for your team preparing such nice questions.god bless.

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robert mulain

October 02, 2008  9:31am

At 82, I suppose I will be considered a "high end heretic, blasphemer and pagan", rather than a historian, scientist and archaeologist... which is the truth. All historical documents should be read very carefully and 'between the lines', bearing in mind the situation and time in which they were written. This is especially so with ancient documents, where only copies and multiple translations are available, as opposed to originals. Alterations and modifications are known to exist in various Bibles (and are hotly debated), so it should always be taken with a 'pinch of salt', and not accepted unquestionably as "The Word of God". If God wished to tell us what was required, desired or demanded, there are far more reliable and far less confusing ways of communicating, than the reproduction and handing down of ancient MSS's!

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Melody Donovan

September 01, 2008  8:52am

Scored 77 but the questions restricted me all the way and I am sure I would have gotten 99 - true progressive that I am. To me the Bible is a book of words formed to bring people closer to the good in them and to be a part of a group or in our language = a church. To me this was the whole message of the forming of the book - the desire to bring man to a collective understanding - which is impossible to do - each has different perceptions and values.

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Bobbie Lee

July 28, 2008  12:50am

My score is 30, so I am a conservative – just as I tell everyone who asks or in conversations when it seems relevant. I am thankful to God for the solid teaching that He arranged for in my youth, that its impact and validity in my life has not waned one bit through a couple decades since.

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Alvin Holst

July 08, 2008  3:38pm

My score of 86 is no surprise to me. It puzzles me that I was told never to discuss religion or politics with someone with whom I wished to be friends. My parents were correct as the population certainly reflects this attitude. The only thing I have found that comes close to avoiding serious argument is to present what I have to say from the stand point of that it is either how I would like to be treated or not how I would like to be treated. Included in this is respect for the gifts God has given me: that is a spirit or soul to alert me, a brain to think and examine what is being handed down, a sense of right or wrong - that is a moral compass, physical strength to endure stress and the primary emotions of shame and fear to remind me of past unacceptable actions and warn of future dangers of transgressions. It amazes me how others try to force others into their way of thinking, either conservative or liberal in both religion and politics. Do we have to destroy others with whom we disagree? Would we wish to be destroyed when we disagree? I find nothing in the way Christ lived to suggest how destroying another would serve any religious or political purpose. We are free by God's will to choose to follow God or turn away, but not free to destroy others of God's creation. Yes I scored 86.

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Deborah Hines

July 02, 2008  10:51pm

I was not really surprised about my score (62) moderate. It was interesting to know that moderates and progressives are direct opposites in their reading of the Bible. I never considered myself in these terms but the label fits. I am glad that I took this quiz. I came upon this quiz while browsing the Leadership website. The questions asked did cause me to pause and consider my approach to not only reading the Scriptures but evaluating the context in which I pursue meaning and interpretation.

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Michelle Thomas

March 22, 2008  2:33pm

I scored 47 - no real surprise sinc I grew up in Catholic Church as kid then moved to southern baptist church plant in UK! before ending up in a Pentecostal college!!!!- but def' a challenge!!!! glad I stumbled across this quiz, kinda well timed since I am at the begining of what I know will be a long journey of figuring out just why I believe what I believe and how we as individuals can grow in our understanding of God, His Word, Ourselves and eachother!!!!

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March 19, 2008  9:33am

I scored as a moderate. I think that firmly fits where I am and how I feel Jesus was as well. There were times when he strictly held to traditions, such as his anger towards the goings on in the Temple as irreverence to God, and yet his mercy as it pertained to healing a man on the Sabbath. Strictly traditionally considered a violation and disrespect to God, however he judged the situation in my opinion through the eyes of God. I am in Theology school and as I learn more, the more profoundly thankful I am for the life of Christ and his death and resurrection that without would have held us all under the law as dead! Obviously none of us would have survived!

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March 15, 2008  1:12am

I score 22.

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March 15, 2008  12:40am

It said that no one answers with all fives or all one's. Well, that's not true. I answered all one's except with one question. Otherwise it would have been all one's. I didn't do that on purpose, but it happened that I agreed with all but one of the one's. Btw, I'm a 22. My score is probably the lowest here, which I find interesting. I guess my score makes me very conservative. Which, is fine with me. I am conservative. I do take the Bible literally. That's who I am. I make no appologies for that. I'm proud to be a conservative.

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